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Most sports train the body and the mind at the same time. But few achieve the excellence of yoga, which combines physical training with meditation and introspection on ways still unparalleled. And we, at Yoganix Store, will add the perfect ingredients to the mix – yoga wheels.

We have some of the top products on the market, not only regarding looks but performance and construction quality as well. And if the yoga wheel price is a matter of concern for you, let us put your mind at ease. Our products are just as affordable as they are high-quality:

The Yoganix Professional TPE – Smooth, elegant, and simple. You can have this piece at $68.98, but the total value you’ll get out of it is drastically higher. You’ll get a variety of colors, stunning designs, and top performance for a price fit for every pocket.

Simple Yoganix Circle – If you’re into something less sophisticated, this is the piece you need. At $57.98, it’s a godsend. With the abundance of colors and the top quality of the material, it is one yoga wheel you can’t afford to miss.

The Yoganix Cork Yoga Wheel – For a plus of glamor and class, this product fits right in. It is available for $93.34, and it comes in many colors and designs. It is inner painted with laser and could easily classify as collectible thanks to its gorgeous display of artwork.

Whatever the yoga wheel price you would prefer, we are confident our collection will meet your possibilities. For less than $100 you will get the opportunity to change your life for the better drastically. Why pay that amount for a couple of months-worth of gym subscriptions, when you can get a yoga wheel to serve you for years to come?

And the benefits are not that far either. By using a yoga wheel regularly, you will get:

Relief from stress – Nothing beats rolling on a wheel during a yoga session when it comes to alleviating the daily stress. Even a 5-minute session per day will do wonders for your mental and spiritual health.

Stretching and massaging – The device will stretch your spine, muscles, and articulations, and revive your body entirely. It's also great at relaxing you after a hard day’s work and cleanse your mind of negativity.

Improved balance and muscle tone – The physical benefits come from the fact that the yoga wheel forces your body to react to its mechanism. By changing your position during the sessions, your body will slowly adapt to the different physical stimuli. This will enhance your balance and stability and strengthen and tonify your muscle mass.

You will get a lot of value in exchange for a trivial yoga wheel price. There is clear evidence that yoga is effective in boosting the physical, psychological and spiritual development. Our wheels will only increase those benefits and make your journey much more pleasurable.

Come to our Yoganix Store online, check our collection, and grab your favorite yoga wheel at the best yoga wheel price. It may be precisely what you need to change your lifestyle for the better.

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